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Prices as of August 1, 2023


(Click here for more info on these services.)

Japanese Straightening                               $700+

Japanese Straightening Retouch                   $600+

         Straight Variation                                       $450+         

Virgin Relaxer                                           $200+

Relaxer Retouch                                         $155+

GK "The Best" Keratin Treatment                  $400+

Curl Reformer (Curly Perm).                         $150 per hour


Are you experiencing hair loss, thinning, and breakage?

Let's talk about potential causes and find a solution.

I offer scalp & hair treatments as well as a full package that

includes supplements, hair care products, and LED light therapy hat.

Initial Investment $500


 Full color (roots to end)                            $107

Root touch-up color                                  $75

            Hairline Color ONLY!                              $45            

Face-framing highlights                            $75

    Dimensional color- high and/or lowlights   $155+

          Corrective Color                                     $100/hour


                                 Shampoo, haircut & style                              $95 

                                 Silk Press                                                    $125+

                                 Shampoo & Blow-Dry                                   $75

                                 Shampoo & Haircut only (leave damp)           $55       

                                 Curly hair cut & style                                    $125+

                                       *New clients will need a consultation

      Detangling Service                                $15/15 min


After a thorough consultation, I will recommend the treatment(s)

needed from my arsenal. Please book your treatment

within the 20 or 40 min blocked time. 

20-minute treatment                                    $40

40-minute treatment                                    $60



Eyebrows                                                   $12

2 facial items                                              $20

3+ facial items                                            $25

Eyebrow Tint                                               $20

**My calendar is open for only 30 days at a time. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to book themselves an appointment. If you are scheduling for one of my longer services, like Japanese Straightening, Straight Variations or would like a major color project, please email me and I will schedule your appointment further out.** 

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