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About Me

This career of mine took everyone by surprise, including myself! With a background in Social Work and a Stay-at-Home Mom, I was looking for a way to nurture and give to people and at the same time, have a career. Since the day I stepped foot into Cosmetology school, I knew that was where I belonged.

I guess that nurturing spirit never left me because it's so important to me how you feel when you are here. I want you to feel as if you're meeting your best friend for coffee or just getting away from it all. I want this to be your 2nd home. 

When I'm not here, I'm relaxing at home with my loves; James, Serena my daughter and our furry baby, Nahla. I'm an absolute book worm, a little too addicted to Netflix & Hulu and wait until you hear my music playlist. It is crazy eclectic! 

If this will be your 1st visit with me, click HERE to get a taste of what your visit will be like. Can't wait to meet you!